Smile Designing

It is a systematic treatment plan under which smile is modified with the help of either veneers, laminates, crowns, crown lengthening, orthodontic treatment, bleaching etc. procedures to give a aesthetic pleasing smile arc that attracts applause

What is smile makeover?

It is same as that of a smile designing.

What different kind of Smile Make Over that are available in market?

The various types of Smile Makeover that are availale are –
  • Diastema closure- It is the treatment by means of which the space between the two teeth are closed with the help of filling composites.
  • Fracture build up- If there is a fractured tooth then it can be repaired with composites to give a aesthetic look. It is for those who don’t want to get crowns.
  • Depigmentation- It is a treatment in which the gums are depigmented. It can be surgical or through lasers.
  • Bleaching- It is a treatment in which the shade of the tooth is changed to a lighter one with the help of various chemicals.
  • Crown lengthening- in the crown lengthening the height of the crowns are increased by the means of removing the part of gums or may be sometimes bone that is called hard tissue crown lengthening.
  • Veneers- These are the paper thin coverings of the crown that can potentially mask the effect of irregularity, staining etc. it is a conservative procedure then crown.
  • Dental jewelry- It is very popular among young kids. It is the art of placing a jewelry mostly diamond onto the tooth surface. It is still considered a royal treatment.
  • Crowns- When one or more tooth are missing they can be replaced with the help of crown that is the covering over the natural tooth. We have the advantage of giving it various shape. At Dr. Dentiste we gives the best to our patient. We use 3M crowns and cercon one visit dentistry.

Will all spaces get closed after smile designing?

Definitely it will be closed. With the help of latest techniques we can close down spaces by redistributing it in various teeth. We at Dr. Dentiste plan it carefully so that our clients can get the best results.

How will my smile look after smile designing?

That is a tough question but we have the answers. Before starting we show you a mock up of what it will look like. If you are not satisfied or feels like any change that can be taken care of.