Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is the procedure by which the infectious part of the tooth that is pulp is taken out and it is replaced with gutta percha points (inert filling material) in order to save the tooth.

How it is done?

It generally requires 3 sittings but it can be done in 1 sitting also and can take upto 10 sittings also depending upon the infection status and the reason for getting a root canal done

How long it takes to get a root canal treatment done?

The total procedure time is 45 times. It can be done in one sitting or multiple sittings depending on the requirement.

What different kind of instruments are used in root canal?

We at Dr. Dentiste use all the universally accepted systems like dentsply protaper, coltenehyflex, kavo silk files etc.

How long tooth will survive after root canal treatment?

A tooth can survive for 10-20 years if the root canal treatment has been done properly and capping has been done.

Does root canal treatment relieves pain?

Definitely root canal treatment relieves pain. But this is nota sudden procedure. Sometimes it may take time for healing to take place.

Does my tooth fit for root canal treatment?

Even if there is just a slight chance of saving the tooth it should be taken and tooth to be saved.

Why I need root canal treatment?

When bacteria attack the tooth it leads to cavitation. This cavitation reaches the living part of tooth that is pulp and causes pain. In some cases it forms abscess below the tooth root apex. In order to relieve the pain or limit the infection root canal is needed otherwise it can lead to further complications.

Is crown necessary after root canal treatment?

If detected at a early stage and sufficient crown structure is remaining we may not need capping or crown. But if sufficient amount of tooth structure is lost then definitely a crown is required to prevent fracture of teeth.

Is it Radiographically detectable?

Yes! It can be detected on a radiographic evaluation.

Why root canal treatment at Dr. Dentiste?

1. Finest of hands in dentistry
2. Latest of equipments used for predicatbel results
3. Painless and comfortable
4. At home ambience