Orthodontic Treatment

If a person have crooked teeth/irregular teeth/forwardly placed teeth/spacing between teeth/short jaw etc. then it requires intervention and treatment with the help of braces. The treatment done for this with the help of braces is called as orthodontic treatment

Do I need braces?

If you have any of the above mentioned problems then surely you are a candidate for the braces.

What are the treatment options for getting braces?

With advancement in technology there are a lot of options , like metal braces ort ceramic braces, or lingual braces or alignrs.

What different kind of braces are available in market?

Depending on the aesthetics these can be –
  • Metal braces- these are the breaces that has the metallic look. These arethe most commonly used brackets and also most economical. These have the least width, length and height. Easy to repair and has a good shlf life.
  • Ceramic braces- those patient who don’t want to have a unaesthetic metal look of the brackets can opt for ceramic braces. Although a lot of other attachments are required that can be of different color sometimes, most commonly metal. But this is a good alternative to the metal braces.
  • Lingual braces- for high profile jobs like air hostess, or modeling etc. persons are not able to get braces as it affects there work. So a alternative is the lingual braces that can be adjusted and olaced into the inner surface of the teeth. They have the advantage that they are not visible. The main disadvantage is the high cost and the prolonged duration of treatment. They are often more problematic to the patients then metal braces.
  • Aligners- as technology has taken a high place in our life so is the orthodonti treatment. Aligners has taken a wide space, these are the transparent plates that are fitted according to the teeth anatomy. They has to be made according to the CAD-Cam technology. They usually takes more the time and is completely invisible. The limiting factor is the limited movement and high cost.

What are the different kind of braces used at Dr. Dentiste?

We use all of these kind of braces depending on the patients requirement.