What is Dental Tourism?


Dental tourism is a trip to a place outside your country to obtain dental care as the primary reason along with visit to the famous places of that particular country and to explore new places in that country.

The question is why dental tourism is increasing these days? Well the primary reason for this is the cost factor. Every tourist want an opportunity to get the dental healthcare at an affordable cost along with utilizing the recuperation time in an exotic and heavenly destination.

Our patient come to us at Dr. Dentiste’s to get the world class treatment with a state of art infrastructure from some of the best dentists in the world that have all the skills, accreditations, care for patient. While healing they are able to spend some time exploring some of the world’s famous heritage sites and also 7th wonder of the world TAJ MAHAL.

So this is a kind of situation where everyone is at the winning end who needs quality dental work. A lot of concerns are there for the people who want to go for dental tourism, and we really appreciate that as we would also be conscious before going to a country where we never been to and that for a medical treatment.

Because of all these concerns we have tried to sum up a few questions that we have heard over a period of time from our patients. See if it can solve your queries, if not, remember we are here to help you anytime!!

Is dental tourism safe? What makes Dr. Dentiste the safest option?

We all know the cost of dental treatment is too high throughout the world. Be it Australia, USA, UK, Canada etc. and it is increasing day by day. So a lot of people are looking to other countries to get the dental treatment done.
The question that comes up immediately in mind after one think of dental tourism is, “is it safe”? Well, that is a good question and answer is straight away “it depends”.
Like in your own country you have to do research for the right dentist. There are a lot of brilliant and fine dentist working through out world. You just have to find the right one.
If you will research about Dr. Dentiste on the web or in personal, you will find we are one of the best and safest option available worldwide.

Why go with Dr Dentiste?

Vast Experience
Our four on-staff dentists have over 18 years of combined dental experience.
Our Reputation
At Dr. Dentiste all the dentist staff have previously been associated with government hospitals or teaching institutions
Quality Assurance
Dr. Dentiste is among the only few clinics that have been recommended by Quality council of India (QCI) for CGHS empanelment.
Dr. Dentiste is one of the only clinic of North Delhi to be NABH accredited. That further proves our commitment towards patient safety and quality of care.
Dr. Dentiste is among the few clinic certified by ISO 9001:2015 for the quality of patient care as per European standards.

Why to choose India for the dental tourism?

There are a lot of other countries that offer the dental tourism but why you should choose India is it is the most beautiful place of earth. Apart from this, there are a few more reasons for considering India for dental tourism.

Quality of treatment

Under the leadership of our Prime Minister Narender Modi India is fastly gaining its place in leaders of world. And with the strict regulatory actions of the government there is a strict adherence to the quality control measures in all the medical field, dental field and field of cosmetology. In the Asia pacific region India is considered to have the most equipped and quality controlled clinics, hospitals.

Cost effective

When it comes to cost India is 2nd only to China. The cost of dental care is 1/10th to what is there in other countries like USA, UK, Canada, Iran or Australia etc.


Undoubtedly India is the safest country in the Asia pacific region. The crime rate is lower than many major U.S. cities. And also it has one of the most stable government in the world.

Value for Money

Although we at Dr. Dentiste use the best of materials that are same as any of the dentist may be using in other European countries but people think that it is less expensive in India because we use material that is inferior in quality. But nothing can be further from the truth.
A few reasons as to why it is less expensive in India is –

  • The cost of living is not too high.
  • Cost of rent, taxes are low for the dentists.
  • Cost of the same brand materials is low in India as compared to other countries because of the economy. Manufactures also offer products at a discounted price.
  • Competition is tough in India.
That is why we pass these benefits to our patients.

How to Proceed?

  1. contact Dr. Dentiste
  2. our co-ordinator will ask for certain records
  3. our dentist will analyse those records and will come up with a treatment plan
  4. it is discussed over mail or phone with the patient
  5. once agreed to the treatment plan we come to the estimated cost of the treatment
  6. once everything is fine then the trip is planned and we assist you in the same

For enquiries call/Whatsapp or visit us at -

Dr.Dentiste’s Kapil Dental Clinic and Implant Centre A-1/681-683, Sector – 6, Rohini, Delhi – 85
011-47523823 / 9811733823

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer dental implants, orthodontic treatment with Invisalign or lingual or labial etc., crowns and bridges, root canal treatment, veneers, smile make over, post and core, extraction, impaction, bleaching, gum whitening, crown lengthening etc. among many.

We use local anaesthetics, such as lignocaine.

Although we don’t use it regularly as maximum number of dental procedures are carried out under L.A. but if a patient persists we use them in a hospital with observation under anaesthetist.

We use implants like Nobel bio care, osstem, bio horizons, alpha bio, Adin etc.

Bone graft helps in promoting bone growth. At Dr. Dentiste we use bovine bone graft material that we call as xenograft.

A post is made up of fibre or metal or it can be custom made that helps in stabilization of the core of the tooth. It is not a compulsory procedure. It is recommended when tooth structure available to receive a crown is less. It is necessary to do root canal treatment before placing the post.

It is the process of building the tooth structure either around the post or either by removing the decayed part of the tooth and then restoring it.

Root canal treatment is the process of removing the living part of the tooth that is pulp by the means of various instruments like files etc. and filling it with artificial materials like Gutta percha. It is recommended when a tooth is significantly decayed. It may need one appointment or may be more than five appointments.

When a tooth structure is lost or if it is root canal treated it needs a protection as it is more prone to fracture. Crown help in protecting the tooth and also restoring the balance.
A bridge is the process by which a missing tooth is replaced with the support of the adjacent tooth structure.

Scaling is the process of cleaning the plaque or calculus from the tooth surface.

It is a process of removing the tooth from its socket.

It is the process of removing a tooth that is embedded in bone. Generally it is 3rd molar or canine.

Once implants are placed, they are left for 3 to 6 months. In the meantime gums cover it. So before placing the crown it is important to remove that. This is called connection surgery.

We use either porcelain fused to metal or zirconia crowns from 3M or Ivoclar or DENTSPLY.

We use quality products from top brands like DENTSPLY, Coltene, and Ivoclar etc.

This thing depends on the treatment that you are going to receive. Some require long stay also. We advise you to have your condition assessed before this.
Average time for various procedures-
Implants - placement only require 7-10 days
Root canal treatment – 2-3 days
Crown and bridge – 4-5 days
Scaling – 1 day
Restoration or post and core – 01 day
Invisalign – 7-10 days and thereafter

In certain cases that can be done with the help of basal implants, crown will be placed within 3 days.
In case of conventional implants it may require 3-8 months depending on the site, condition of the implant to be placed.

As the bone density varies from place to place. It takes time for the bone to grip the implant and fuse with it . Also sometime grafting is required that is also a thing that takes time.

The answer is yes. If we go for conventional implants you have to visit again after a certain period of time.

Yes we do help with that arrangements be it like flights or hotels, airport transfers, or sightseeing. We do have some preferential rates nearby.

We prefer at least 2 weeks’ time. We advise you to check with our office for the availability.

We accept cash, online transfers and most credit cards.

We offer life time warranty on implants. And 5-15 years warranty on crowns etc. depending on what you choose.