Crown and Bridge

Bridges and crowns(caps) are fixed prosthetic devices that are cemented onto existing teeth or implants. A dental crown is a covering that fits over a damaged or decayed tooth. Bridgework can replace a tooth entirely.

Does my tooth require a crown?

If you have a decayed or broken teeth in your mouth, then surely you need a dental crown as it helps protecting the tooth.

What is a crown?

A crown is the artificaial replacement of a teeth that just look like the natural tooth.

What is a bridge?

When a single or multiple teeth is missing in the mouth a bridge is required in order to replace it. A bridge is a set of crown joined together in which two teeth adjacent to the space present is being used to replace missing teeth by means of connecting them with each other. The main load bearing teeth in this condition is the adjacent teeth. While the teeth being replaced hangs in between.

What different kind of bridge are available?

A lot of different variety is available in crown and bridge. These include-
1. Stainless steel crown – these are the crowns that has a steel look and is tough and can withstand occlusal load easily. The main disadvantage of this kind of replacement is it has a unaesthetic metal color.
2. Porcelain fused to metal (PFM) – this is the crown in which metal is covered with porcelain. It can be either custom done or can be done with the help of CAD CAM. In bothe the cases it has sufficien strength. The main disadvantage of this crown is that as it is two layered more of the tooth surface need to be cut doen. And secondly the procelin over the metal chps away with time giving a unpleasing appearance.
3. Zirconia crown (metal free crown)- these are the crowns that are free from metal. It is made up from a single blck and is CAD-Cam designed. It has a very high strength in very slight thickness also. And also there are no chances of getting chipped off and fracture. It has the greatest aesthetics.

What kind of bridge are used at Dr. Dentiste?

We prefer to use CAD-CAM based zirconia bridges made up by 3M which has warranty nationwide and cerec by dentsply.

Is it economic to get a crown and bridge done?

If we compare to implants then surely it is a economic replacement. Its just 1/3rd the cost of the implants.

Does it harm another tooth?

There is no harm to the other teeth.

How long it takes to get a crown fixed?

It usually takes 3-4 days.

How long a crown and bridge can work?

If properly maintained like keeping the adjacent are clean it can work for 10-15 years

Does it hurts to get a crown and bridge?

Generally, a root canal is done before the crowns so it does not hurts

Why zirconia are the best solution?

Simply because of its strength, aesthetics and longetivity

Why to replace a missing teeth with crown and bridge?

As soon as any of the tooth falls or gets decayed abd its structure gets damaged the tooth adjacent to it starts tilting in the space created thus damaging the long term stability of teeth. Also there is supra eruption of the opposite side teeth

What are other possible treatments options?

Other possible options are to get a removable partial denture but that is very cumbersome procedure or either dental implants can be done