Ozone Dentistry

The wonderful concept of ozone dentistry is not new to the western countries but in India it is not that popular. The pioneer in Indian ozone dentistry is Dr. Sudhir Dole from Mumbai. He is the man who bought every dentist attention towards this magical dentistry. He is the only one who manufacture ozonated olive oil to be used in dentistry. We are the proud partners in Delhi for the ozonated olive oil distribution & education. Dr. Kapil Saroha is among the first few certified mentors for ozone dentistry practice and is a certified ozone practitioner

What is Ozone Dentistry?

It is the branch of dentistry that is gaining its popularity worldwide. in this ozone either in gaseous form, or in oil base or in water base is being used to treat a number of dental disease ranging from stoppage of bleeding, healing of ulcer, healing of extraction site, disinfecting root canals, healing of periapical lesions, reducing white spot lesions, treating gingivitis, treating periodontitis, bleaching, reducing sensitivity among many other uses. The main advantage of it is that it eliminates the use of antibiotics and pain killers from the practice.

How it is helpful for me?

It is specially helpful for the patients who don’t want to take much medicines and want body to provide natural ingredients to heal and repair itself.

Why we don’t need antibiotics and painkiller after having ozone dentistry treatment?

Ozone is found naturally in ozone layer. We can generate it artificially. It is basically a oxygen molecule with formula O3. The O2 is a stable form of oxygen that helps is repair mechanism at micro vascular level by promoting healing just like we wake up fresh in the morning after having enough oxygen in the night. The third atom of O is hyper reactive it bombards the bacterial cell wall and creates lysis of it. Thus by reducing the bacterial production.

In what all cases can I have the benefit ozone dentistry?

Practically in all case of dentistry it can help like gingivitis, periodontitis, ulcers, extraction socket, white spot lesions, disinfecting canal, caries stoppage etc.