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Dr. Dentiste’s school dental health programme project started in year 2014, when Dr. Kapil Saroha and his Wife Dr. Swati Saroha first thought that no company in India or throughout world is offering dental insurance.


One of the best aspects of health care reform is it starts to emphasize prevention.
Anne wojcicki

According to the world health statistics- in India there is one Dentist per 10,000 people in urban areas and one Dentist per 1.5 lakh people in rural areas. So one can imagine how over loaded is Dentist with the work.

Every 2nd child have some sort of decay in the teeth for sure. This is raising an alarm for intervention. But the question arises as to when to intervene, how to raise awareness? There is a lot of money spent by the government for this purpose, as we see through various media. But it has failed to create a mass appeal. As it is not reachable to every house hold. India is a country of young. For us the best thing to effectively create awareness is to target the schools.

We all know school help us in shaping our future. Various habit that a child develops in school help him lifelong like discipline that we teach. If we will educate a child about maintaining oral health I think half the work is done. We should focus on prevention.

Once Bill gates has said in his speech – “Treatment without prevention is unsustainable.” So the focus should be on prevention rather than treatment.

1/3rd of the time of a child is spent in school only. If primary care can be availed there then it’s a win-win situation. Routine check-up can be conducted, and according to the need of each child a personalized treatment plan can be offered. Routine oral health awareness programs can be conducted. Various activities can be conducted so as to engage child in various activities that will create an indirect awareness.

Since the Modi government took place in centre, the focus is shifted on to insurance sector. Why there is so much hype about insurance. It’s simply that it secure us.

Insurance is a financial instrument that can help your family reduce their financial burden. It empowers you to not only continue current lifestyle but also attain the goals and milestones you planned together with your family.

A study conducted by the National Council of Applied Economic Research throws up certain interesting findings about the life insurance industry in India. Life insurance awareness in India is very high at 78%; the figure is as high as 90% in urban areas and 73% in rural areas. However, only 24% of Indian households own a life insurance policy.

The interesting thing is no insurance company offers dental insurance to its customers. As it is predictable. Why would a company want to do something that they know will result in loss to them? For the First time in India such plans are being started. With this innovative plan of Dr.Dentiste’s one can be at least sure of their dental expenses and moreover awareness can help in a big way.

This school programme is our way to giving back of our community. For year 2018 we are set to visit a total of 24 schools to spread message of oral health.

For more details on the matter. Feel free to contact us at - +91-9811733823 or mail us on drkapilsaroha.ortho@gmail.com