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Latest Technology

Dr. Dentiste’s state of art clinics offer the advantages of latest in dental technology and equipment. For the well being of patient and to offer the latest in technology to the patient, doctors at Dr.Dentiste are continually trained in the use of advanced technology and equipment.



In spite of the dental technology that has made dentistry virtually pain free, dental fear and anxiety still keeps millions of patients away from the dental office every year. For these patients, local anaesthesia is not enough to treat the psychological factors of their condition- a sedative is often needed to put them at ease during dental treatment.
Conscious sedation dentistry allows you to enter a state of relaxation while staying awake during the procedure. Although you won’t feel any pain. You will be able to respond to your dentist’s questions and commands. As communication is key with any dentist-patient relationship, conscious sedation is an excellent option for fearful dental patients.


Dental chairs at Dr. Dentiste prevent any possible cross contamination to ensure patient’s wellbeing. All the chairs are equipped with retractable valves that prevent oral fluids from flowing back into the chair tubing. We have Gnatus G8 chair that is the top end model from Gnatus that is the most reputed name in dental chair manufacturer. Chair has massage system in upholstery to prevent patient fatigue and giving control to the patient itself.



We at Dr. Dentiste have the one of the finest rotary tools from united kingdom, USA, which are used for drilling. Rotary systems are changed and innovated daily. To keep up the pace and to give best to the patient we have the X-smart plus for root canal, that supports all the root canal system present till today.


We all know that exposure to radiation can be injurious to health. We use equipments that reduces the exposure to negligible levels. We have the Vatech and Kodak RVG that reduces the exposure of radation to 100 times lower.we strictly adhere to ALARA(as low as reasonably achievable) principle. Lead aprons and thyroid collars are used. We also monitor the dose received by the staff and the treating doctor through TLD badges, which is checked for radiation exposure every 3 months. For this purpose we have the licence too.



RO filters are used to ensure safe drinking water as well as safe water to be used in chair.


Various means of sterilization are used. Dental instruments are cleaned with disinfectants and are then autoclaved to ensure there is no cross contamination of infection. Each and every staff in the clinic are trained for this purpose. A record is always kept and checked for the same.



Various material are used in dentistry. Some fine instruments are imported from Switzerland as they have the best fine instruments. Consumables are used from 3M(USA), ivoclar vivadent, septodent etc. we always stick to what is best.


To ensure safety even upto lower level in the heirachy we ensure proper biomedical waste segregation so that not only our patient, even health worker or may be lower staff are protected from any potential infection. We have a tie up with BIOTIC waste for this.