Dental Bleaching / Teeth Whitening is a procedure that can be performed in the Dental Clinic or at home. Years of staining with tea, coffee, and red wine etc can be removed in a matter of an hour revealing truly white teeth that enhances the perfection of a smile. Two methods are available to get those perfectly white teeth.

Bleaching is a painless, simple method of lightening your teeth. The process involves the use of a mild solution, placed in a custom-fitted tray, that is worn over your teeth. No natural tooth structure is lost, and no anesthetic is required. The greatest things about bleaching are: - Bleaching is a safe, effective procedure for some types of discoloration. - It is usually painless for adults, requiring no anesthesia. - Requires no removal of natural tooth tissue. - It is considered a conservation method of lightening teeth. - Bleaching is also relatively inexpensive when compared to other treatment options.