As kids, most of us have bunny teeth giving us unpleasant smile. But, to carry such smile as an adult seems absurd to anyone. None likes the peeping out teeth ruining your smile & personality. At Dr Sachdeva dental Institute, we aim & specialize to rectify such problem through orthodontic treatment that helps people repair their dental arrangement and get back their suitable perfect smile as well.

What are the options & hows the treatment done? There are different types of Orthodontic treatments and each follows a varied technique. Ideally, in the first sitting, the dentist focuses on creating the gap so that the teeth can be pulled back. Each tooth is then fitted with a specially designed cap or support used to gradually pull them back in their actual position.

How much time does it take? Orthodontic treatments don’t give immediate results overnight. It takes time for the teeth to change their alignment and as a patient; you have to have the required will & patience to wait. Depending on the amount of alignment that your teeth need, the doctor will recommend the time period of the treatment. This treatment is accomplished in several appointments. Your doctor will guide you about the frequency of sittings as well as precautions that you need to take in order to get best possible results.