Dental Lasers makes painless dentistry a reality. It is a miracle tool when it comes to handling soft tissues and can also be selectively used technology for hard tissues.

Do not require sutures (stitches). Do not require anesthesia. Minimum bleeding thus inhibiting blood loss. The high-energy beam sterilizes the area being worked on thus minimizing the bacterial infections. Minimum damage to surrounding tissue. Faster wound healing and tissue regeneration.

Procedures Hard Tissue (Tooth) Laser Procedures

Cavity Detection: early detection of cavities with the reading of the by-products produced by tooth decay. Dental Fillings/Tooth Preparation: They eliminate the need traditional dental drills and are capable of killing bacteria located in a cavity. However, dental lasers are not appropriate for the replacement of amalgam fillings, onlays or crowns. Tooth Sensitivity: They seal tubules (located on the root of the tooth) responsible for hot and cold tooth sensitivity.